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Enhancing Female Fertility With Herbs:

It’s one of life’s ironies. Each night, millions of men and women use condoms, diaphragms and other contraceptives to avoid pregnancy. Meanwhile, an estimated 10 percent of couples want a child but can’t conceive one. It seems downright unfair. It can also lead to anxiety, sadness and marital discord. Fortunately, simple nutritional and botanical remedies can often restore fertility.

I don’t usually recommend the following herbs unless food based nutritional supplements recommended in other pages on this site (algae, probiotics, enzymes, grasses and sprouts) failed to boost fertility and did not lead to pregnancy. Foods are always the first choice and the following herbs are always the last choice to help with fertility. 

Here are a few herbs often recommended by naturopathic doctors and herbalists to help restore fertility listed in order of importance:

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• Chaste tree berry: This herb stimulates hormone release from the pituitary gland in the brain, which, in turn, promotes ovulation. Chaste tree berry may restore normal periods in women with lack of menstrual periods.

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• Dong quai: Widely used for complaints including menstrual irregularities and infertility, dong quai can tone a weak uterus by promoting metabolism within the organ, regulating hormonal control and improving the rhythm of the menstrual cycle.

• Red clover blossoms: These beautiful little flowers are categorized in many herbals as fertility promoters. Chemical analysis shows that the herb is rich in coumestans and isoflavones, estrogen like compounds that may promote fertility, particularly in estrogen-deficient women. I recommend red clover sprouts in a certain food based supplement mixed with other organic sprouts. 

• Licorice: This plant contains hormonally active compounds categorized as saponins. A Japanese study found licorice-based supplements improved menstruation in women with infrequent periods. The study also found that licorice helped women with elevated testosterone and low estrogen levels, as commonly occurs in polycystic ovary disease.

• Siberian ginseng: This and other tonic botanicals can improve fertility by enhancing overall health and vitality. Siberian ginseng also acts on the brain to promote regulation of reproductive hormones.

Final words:

Just paying closer attention to the body’s cycles can enhance a woman’s fertility awareness. For men and women, a nutritious organic diet with whole food supplements goes a long way toward improving both reproductive and overall health. Botanical herbs can also further enhance hormonal rhythms and general vitality. Just add romance and you have the prescription for fertility.

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