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It’s one of life’s ironies. Each night, millions of men and women use condoms, diaphragms and other contraceptives to avoid pregnancy. Meanwhile, an estimated 10 percent of couples want a child but can’t conceive one. It seems downright unfair. It can also lead to anxiety, sadness and marital discord. Fortunately, simple nutritional and botanical remedies can often restore fertility as you will read in the following testimonies.

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Lori Norgal - Pregnant within one year from starting on your products!

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 5 years. We went to the fertility doctors and were told we were both fine just for some reason not getting pregnant. This is when we learned about how to work with diet and whole food supplements to strengthen our bodies. From many of your articles we were able to straighten out our nutrition by adding whole foods supplements and probiotics. Needless to say after changing from synthetic vitamins to your whole food supplements, I was pregnant within the year!!! Could not believe it!! Did not take one fertility pill!!! 

Now we are blessed with a healthy little girl who is also eating your whole food supplements. When I was pregnant with her I never took the traditional prenatal pills, only your supplements! She was born a very healthy little girl. Well, now that my daughter is one, we thought we would try for another and 2 weeks after I stopped nursing her, I am pregnant again!!!! So my family is a firm believer in taking your whole food supplements. It has changed our life extremely! I will always feel so blessed that you've introduced us to these wonderful supplements which will be a part of my family's life forever!!! 

Lori Norgal

Wauwatosa, WI 

More good news! I had my second baby girl on December 26, 2007. Jordyn Marie Norgal 5 lbs 10oz, 18 inches long. It was a natural birth. Thanks for all your support in the last 10 months. 

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Zaid - A happy and strong baby was born March 10th, 2009. I'm a very proud papa. Mom took 10 whole food supplements a day and also probiotics and enzymes and she had a smooth pregnancy. Zaid was born healthy and strong. He is breast feeding now and mom continues to take her 10 whole foods supplements a day and a lot of acidophilus, bifidus and enzymes. 

Zaid is a happy and a quite baby. We take him everywhere we go and he's a doll to have around with us. He now smiles a lot for anyone who talks to him. Every day brings new joyful surprises as Zaid grows and develops into a handsome baby boy. 

Eyman Alalawi
Seattle, WA 

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Steve & Kim Lazarski - The whole family is doing great!

My daughter Meadow is now 27 months old and extremely intelligent as well as very happy/healthy. A true Algae Baby from conception. She gets very excited when I bring out the Essential Blend canister. We like to give it to her in her organic yogurt or dip strawberries in the algae. If left up to her she would just as soon put her fingers in it and then suck on her fingers for awhile. Makes for some very funny green faces!

She also loves having us give her the contents of an acidophilus capsule on her tongue.

She blows away most people with her amazing use of language and communication skills. 

Her big brother and my step-son Zeke who is now 10 has been having algae since he was 3 and only really likes it in juice or our family favorite fruit smoothies. He is testing for his black belt in Tae Kwon Do this February in Chicago. Zeke is in the 4th grade and excels at math, a very creative artist and also plays soccer. 

My wife Kim and I are 36 and 43 respectively and as you know I have been a dedicated New Earth products consumer for many years. For me the one thing I notice most is my muscle tone and ability to handle stressful situations quite calmly for the most part. Kim has noticed that her workouts continue to improve and if she misses a few days it is not as difficult for her to catch up quickly where she left off. 

We will not go one day without taking your whole food nutritionals. 

Steve and Kim Lazarski

Minneapolis, MN 

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Anasa Blackman - Daughter on algae products for 15 years

I take your whole food products and my 15 year old daughter is a whole food baby. I have fond comic memories of when she was a toddler and used to eat the whole food powder & the Liquid supplement and with a green toothed mouth she would exclaim in her high squeeky voice:  When you're green inside you're clean inside! 

Anasa Blackman

Houston, TX 

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Cindy & Rick Scheyer - Vienna on products since she was born

My daughter, Vienna, has been receiving premium nutrition from these whole food products since I was pregnant with her. I consumed the whole food supplements, Enzymes and Acidophilus on a regular basis while I was pregnant. When she was a little baby, Vienna got Enzymes, and the other good whole food products mixed in with her food. Now she swallows the whole food supplements herself everyday. And regularly mixes them in her smoothie. She has gorgeous long, healthy hair, shiny skin, bright eyes and is a healthy, happy girl. Our family eats a vegan diet and Vienna has eaten this way her whole life. We feel confident that she is getting all of the nutrition she needs every day, especially because we supplement with these whole food products from New Earth. 

Cindy & Rick Scheyer

Seattle, WA 

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Ori & Sophia Weisbarth - Healthy algae babies

As I wait (im)patiently for my wild Bluegreen algae order to come in, I can really appreciate the New Earth products. Doron and I both tried the best retail probiotics that we could find, other than the New Earth products. We were trying to cut costs but ended up wasting our money on other brands. I had to take so many of the other brand compared to that of New Earth, that I think I really paid more per effective dose. But honestly, it really wasn't effective. Certainly not efficient. We notice more skin problems, congestion and improper digestion. I'm glad to be back on New Earth probiotics. 

Another thing: I've been taking Wild Bluegreen Algae since 1998. That's 11 years. I have my kids on the Essential Blend. My son Ori calls it his "Power Ranger" drink. Whether it comes from good genes or good health, I'm blessed, at 49, to have two beautiful children 2 and 6. I had Sophia when I was 47 and I was healthy throughout my pregnancy. Both children were born naturally, with no artificial help. 

We will stick with New Earth products. 

Thanks for the years of help and health, 

Juju and Doron Weisbarth
Seattle, WA

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